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Much of Life Boils Down to Energy
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Reiki changes Lives


How do you

WANT to Live?

Your heart beats every second, creating energy.  The food you digest becomes energy.  Energy is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel.  That’s just in the human body.  Look around you and notice just how much of our world relies on energy.

If you don’t have enough energy, likely you are missing out on life.  Or, maybe you have plentiful energy, but you take it for granted.  Either way, without the knowledge of how to harness energy, life isn’t optimized. 

The one thing I know for sure is you can enhance your energy to be a higher vibration.  Reiki enables us to achieve a more highly refined energy and ultimately experience a better life.

People have understood the power of healing through touch and intention for millennia.

Reiki isn’t some new-age pseudo-science.  Over 5,000 years ago, the Yoga Sutras talked about life force energy, or prana.  And several books, including the bible, talk about “laying on hands.”  A prime example of healing with touch is the unconditional love of a parent caring for their child with soothing touch.  That, my friend, is unharnessed Reiki energy.  Everyone has access to Reiki energy, and most people are doing Reiki unconsciously already.

The bottom line is we all have the power to heal, soothe, and comfort.  Reiki is simply like a magnifying glass and it amplifies our innate healing ability.  Learning Reiki is like building muscle.  Reiki teaches us to harness the infinite energy already available to us.  Then you learn to direct that healing energy to help yourself and others.

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Regenerative Reiki is part of True Basis Health and focuses on providing Reiki sessions and training.

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Reiki Sessions

Receive Reiki for you or your pet.

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Reiki Certification

Learn to practice Reiki.

" Every Day I'm Hustlin' "

If you are a hustler, if you are caught up in the rat race trying to please everyone, and getting wrapped up in so many things that aren’t in alignment with who you really are eventually it takes a toll on your body and your health.

Let’s face it, the way you use your body, your thoughts, your energy completely changes your biochemistry.

Reiki and meditation are great stabilizers. Whether you are on your own health journey or helping a loved one having Reiki is a powerful tool to bring back balance.  Some people choose massage or acupuncture to restore balance.  I enjoy those too, but I LOVE Reiki as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

The Japanese healing technique of Reiki is recognized by the National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) which is a division of the National Institute of Health (NIH).   Many hospitals, cancer care clinics, and hospice organizations offer Reiki as a complementary therapy.

Through Reiki, energy flow is replenished enhancing the body’s own ability to heal.